Welcome to the team BundyPlus!

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Hannah Fraser
November 23, 2021

Announcing a new edition to the Yellowpanda team - BundyPlus.

BundyPlus is one of Australia's leading workforce tracking software providers, offering cloud, mobile, and on-premises solutions.

BundyPlus' Co-founder and Head of Development Steve Jordan first came across Yellowpanda when listening to our Director Amanda Williams' appearance on Mark Bouris' Podcast The Mentor (if you haven't seen it yet, watch it here).

Operating since 2014, BundyPlus is an established, successful business with clientele across the country.

Prior to engaging YellowPanda the company's real-world achievements (which include award wins, national TV coverage, and a front-page spot on the AFR), weren't showcased online.

BundyPlus is utilising Yellowpanda's social media content creation services to amplify these achievements and bolster the company's online footprint and credibility.

In addition to this, YellowPanda is developing a series of articles surrounding workplace management to promote BundyPlus' key service offerings and the benefits they offer.