These are the results you can expect when working with us

"From the moment we signed with Yellowpanda, they became an integral part of Safetyline Jalousie. Now three years on, we no longer see them as an external agency, but rather as our own team members.

Amanda and her team have gone above and beyond what you would consider traditional or typical ‘public relations’ over the years. They have the ability to wear many hats, and produce content that exactly aligns with my thoughts, values, and tone. 

The great media results we’ve secured have seen great momentum build for our company, with features in many publications I would never have been able to get without Yellowpanda. The team is always just an email or phone call away, and makes time to frequently catch up with us in Sydney. 

I look forward to seeing what else we can achieve alongside Yellowpanda." 

Profile picture of Leigh Rust
Leigh Rust, CEO Safetyline Jalousie

After joining Yellowpanda 3 months ago, I've been incredibly pleased with the results we've seen in a short period of time.

Despite the complexity of our industry, Yellowpanda has a great understanding of the work we do which they've used to secure us great coverage in a range of publications - both general news and industry-specific.

The communication with the team and the company's Director Amanda has been frequent and personal, making us feel as if they're part of our team, and not just an external agency.

The range of services Yellowpanda executes for us, from media relations, professional communications and social media management, has allowed us to focus on what we do best, knowing that that side of our business is being well taken care of.

As a result of the past three months, we've felt great momentum build for our company, and we look forward to seeing what else we can achieve alongside Yellowpanda.

Profile Pic of Ross Anderson
Ross Anderson, Managing Director AviAssist

"I have been a client of Amanda's for a number of months, she helped with the branding and PR to establish my new business. Amanda is full of energy, bright ideas and up-to-date marketing ahead of the curve. She is a friend as well as a business associate and always feels like she has the time for her clients and delivers outstanding results. We are proud to have engaged her business and she is a vital part of our business growth going forward.

Profile Pic of Mark McGill
Mark McGill, CEO The McGill Group

"Amanda comes across as someone who genuinely loves what she does and that spoke to me, not just from a professional viewpoint but was very relatable to my own nature.

Her enthusiasm and passion made me want to get an understanding of what she does. Initially, it wasn’t to become a personal client but to promote one of our businesses, which was in its infancy.

Through interactions with Amanda, I saw the benefit of becoming her client and building my own brand, which in turn, has built the group of companies.

It's important, in any business relationship, that a level of trust is reached and Amanda does this, fluidly. Also, from a service perspective, Yellowpanda is very professional and is bespoke to me.

They represent me in how they see me and also how I want to be seen. Amanda also advises me and isn’t compliant in nature. I respect an industry expert that tells me her opinion but comes to me with evidence-based facts and also a solution forward.

Amanda has the ability to anticipate changing markets and can put herself in my head - it's what makes her approach different to other firms.

I am an avid supporter of Amanda and the Panda team and constantly refer my clients to her."

Profile Pic Tanya Abbey
Tanya Abbey, CEO Black Wolf Group