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As a modern and innovative operation, the level of service and support offered to our clients is second to none. We see ourselves as partners, not just service providers.

We specialise in building authentic public profiles for trailblazing entrepreneurs and CEOs with experience that extends across a wide breadth of strategic communications services. We often become integral parts of our client's business and work alongside existing sales and marketing teams to ensure mutual objectives

are achieved. On a personal level, our enthusiasm, love for what we do, and genuine desire to see our clients succeed, make us ideal advocates for them. We ultimately believe in partnering with clients who share the same ambition, drive and mindset around work ethic.

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"Through working with Amanda and the team at Yellowpanda, I learnt the importance of building my own personal brand as opposed to the company’s brand.

Previously I didn’t really appreciate how imperative it was and how it actually fed into the business arena. Before I saw myself and the business as one entity, having them separate means I am being recognised and having people reach out to me and contact me with a variety of queries.

I was hesitant at first, but I chose to put all my trust in Amanda and she and her team have really opened my eyes to a lot of new concepts.

Amanda brought great attention to who I actually am and what I am looking to achieve. Business is one thing, yet she has even brought out another side to me, this mentor like persona which I never knew was there.

Amanda told me to trust in her process and through it, I’ve just evolved; meaning I can talk so freely about my life, my goals, my struggles ultimately dropping the facade that may have been there before and embracing vulnerability

If you trust in the process — Yellowpanda will only bring you great things."

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Leigh Rust, CEO Safetyline Jalousie
making headlines - making headlines -
making headlines - making headlines -

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