FIZZtastic addition to Yellowpanda den

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Brendon Wolf
November 16, 2021
Opening a FIZZ Seltzer

There's been A FIZZtastic addition to the Yellowpanda den, with Gold Coast hard seltzer brand, Hard FIZZ, coming on board.

The brand is already "shaking things up" in the beverage business but now wants to build its profile heading into the Summer months.

"We're stoked to have Hard FIZZ onboard with Yellowpanda," Yellowpanda director, Amanda Williams says.

"We love what they're about - having a good time without paying for it the next day.

"It's definitely my drink of choice now, and that's not just because they're a client."

Chief of FIZZ, Wade Tiller, is excited to be joining Yellowpanda.

"It's a partnership that just makes sense," he says.

"We love working with people who get our vibe and what we stand for and that's Yellowpanda to a tee.

"It's going to be a great Summer for Hard FIZZ."

There's nothing soft about Hard FIZZ - a group of mates from the Gold Coast, made up of international DJs (Paul Fisher and Tigerlily), professional surfers (Nikki Van Dijk and Laura Enever) and celebrity chefs (Hayden Quinn) who saw the popularity of seltzer in the United States and knew they had to bring it to Australia.

In just 12 months of operation, they've already sold more than one million cans and are racing up the sales charts in the ready to drink category.

"It's going to be a lot of fun working with FIZZ," Williams says.

"We don't just pair up with anyone.

"We like to work with companies with a lot of passion who are making things happen around them and that's absolutely FIZZ."