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Ross Anderson AviAssist

Meet Ross Anderson - the Founder and Managing Director of the Newcastle-based drone training organisation, Aviassist.

After finding out about Yellowpanda through our Director Amanda William's appearance on Mark Bouris' podcast, The Mentor, Ross was eager to come on board to see how Yellowpanda's personal branding and public relations services could bolster Aviassist's reputation and as the leading drone training organisation in Australia.

Having never engaged in public relations before, Yellowpanda began with what was essential a blank campus, and in just a short few months, we've achieved a strong online presence for Ross and Aviassist.

Yellowpanda has created a comprehensive personal branding strategy for Ross, as well as a social media strategy and brand guide for Aviassist (including typography and colours to be used across various marketing collateral and social media content).

As part of our pitching and media relations efforts, Yellowpanda has received coverage for Ross in the following TV, print and online publications:


  • 7 News
  • NBN News Newcastle


  • Newcastle Herald


General -

  • Canberra Times
  • Newcastle Weekly
  • Bendigo Advertiser
  • Business News Australia
  • Northern Beaches Review

Industry-specific -

  • Drone DJ
  • Australian Aviation
  • Tech business news

(Amongst others)

Additional coverage for Ross has been achieved by strategically tapping into current news and announcements - positioning Ross as an authority in the space to provide commentary on the issues.

An example of this is a story regarding drones being used to deliver Rapid Antigen Tests that appeared on 7 News. Yellowpanda devised this story after identifying the difficulty people were experiencing finding tests (and the risk to others that presented by going in-store to purchase them).

As part of our 'Content Amplification Formula' process, all secured media opportunities are pushed out through Ross and Avoassist's social media channels, as well as Aviassist's website.

This process ensures that all secured coverage is maximised and reaches the largest audience possible.

In addition to the above, as a personal branding client, Yellowpanda identifies and nominates Ross for relevant industry awards.

A recent example was nominating Ross for Business News Australia's Young Entrepreneur Awards where he was named a finalist in the Profesional Services category. This opportunity was also pushed out through our client's website and social media channels to further cement Ross' position as a leading authority in his field.