Full Service + Personal Branding

Leigh Rust Safetyline Jalousie

For over two years, Yellowpanda has been engaged to manage the public profile of Leigh Rust - the Co-founder and Director of the Australian manufacturing company Safetyline Jalousie. 

This has involved achieving media coverage in a range of niche and mainstream publications, securing podcast appearances, managing Leigh’s social media channels and submitting award nominations.

Over time, Leigh's visibility to the public (and his customers) has grown exponentially to the point that he's now considered to be a thought leader in his field - a "go-to" guy for any sort of commentary around scaling a business from scratch while maintaining work/life balance.

While engaged initially to manage Leigh’s personal brand, Yellowpanda now executes high-end government lobbying and stakeholder engagement initiatives on the company’s behalf.

Utilising our director Amanda's background in government and political communications, we are effectively able to identify and facilitate introductions with relevant stakeholders across the public and private sectors.

Throughout our engagement with Leigh, Yellowpanda has become an integral part of Safetyline Jalousie's team - working collaboratively with the company's marketing manager.

Our work with Leigh has proven that growing someone's personal brand helps to increase awareness and positive sentiment for a company as a whole. This more personalised approach to branding is one that we proudly specialise in.