PR for Online Stores: Is it worth it?

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Amanda Williams
September 20, 2021
A television segment on Today Extra for a consumer product

Measuring the ROI from PR is never an easy task because we work in the ‘awareness’ stage of the marketing funnel.

Our role in the funnel is to build visibility, increase positive sentiment and earn social proof before the consumer even reaches the consideration and conversion stages. At times, this makes it hard to pinpoint the exact value of PR activities.

If we were to use a common proverb to highlight our job, it would be the one about leading the horse to water.

As highlighted in the recent case study for My Flight Hammock, we lead almost 10,000 horses AKA consumers to the online store for My Flight Hammock.

We love getting access to data and analytics to help educate and inspire more brands to consider the power of PR for their business – especially brands with innovative products like My Flight Hammock who are changing the game when it comes to comfort during long-haul travel.

Having a solid understanding of the stages following our role within the marketing funnel ensures we are setting our brands up for success.

We partner with the best conversion strategists in the industry including Brynley King and Marketing Global Stores to ensure our horses drink from the water we lead them to!

If you are considering PR for your online store, visit and book in a call with our founder Amanda Williams.