Awards glory: it's not about you

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Amanda Williams
September 20, 2021
Hands reach out towards a gold trophy

I can't count how many times I have had the tall poppy syndrome talk with my peers, but it's usually around this time of year that I become more vocal on this topic.

In a pre-covid world, we would be gearing up for Awards season and for those of us in PR land, it's one of our busiest times of the year - also the most rewarding!

When I speak with entrepreneurs about utilising awards as part of their overall PR strategy, I am sometimes met with hesitation. Not always, but in some cases, entrepreneurs believe that awards are too 'showy' or 'egotistical', but as a true spin-doctor, I can tell you its just not the case.

Let me explain.

No one wins an award all by themselves in business. There are families and teams behind these people, and they have all played their part in contributing the business success. Taking out an award is a credit not only to you, but your team. Its a welcome morale boost during what has played out to be, one of the most anxious times of our lives.

Sure, the business landscape has copped a beating this year, but I have seen great things born out of this pandemic resulting from collaborations between those who refused to become 2020's bitch.

Many of these collaborations have been made possible thanks to connections being formed at events - including business awards.

See its not about you at all, it's about your team, the future of your business, your family, your succession plan. This recognition and opportunity to connect with other likeminded (and more importantly vetted) business associations is ripe for the taking. Why wouldn't you want to include awards as part of your strategy to grow your business?

Commending and acknowledging achievements should go a long way in the dark days we find ourselves in, and what likely lies ahead. Sure, the goalposts have moved - everything has moved - what may have been seen as great last year is now seen in a completely different light. In my opinion, just being nominated for an award helps solidify direction and reinforces how you approach tomorrow - and the next day and the next.

Recognition is as valuable as having a shiny gong placed in your hands in my book, especially for those under the radar powerhouses who simply show up day in day out. In an instant, all the blood, sweat, and years haven't been in vain for our under-slept and over-caffeinated professional.

Acknowledging achievement and those who consistently push the envelope in their field is advantageous for any industry. Egos aside, It shows people who they need to be chasing, and the type of work ethic they need to emulate in order to even be in contention.

Speaking firsthand, every one of my clients have won prestigious awards and been nominated in their respective fields and the overall effect on their personal development and how they then approach work is astounding.

The egotistical aspects though, of awards, is a no-brainer. They can naturally act as a hierarchal calling card for a select few. A 'hey, look how good I am' shout-out which was never warranted or needed in the first place.

And I acquiesce, unfortunately, that's probably where a lot of disdain for professional awarding and prizes is rooted.  

Yet, for the composed and humble professional, it often acts as a gentle and refreshing reminder. Their work is noticed, appreciated and at a higher than average calibre.

In my experience what tends to follow is a momentary silencing of the everyday background white noise: the realisation of how far they have come.