Start Up PR

McGill Group

The McGill Group is a Sunshine Coast-based real estate agency that launched just before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Yellowpanda was engaged to promote the agency’s launch, drive publicity and create sustained brand awareness. While the timing of the launch may have been viewed as a challenge, this was something Yellowpanda was able to use to our advantage when pitching this client.

A core focus of our campaign was to drive relevant, up-to-date information around how agents could navigate disruption to the industry. As Mark’s agency had created an online tool that allowed for virtual property inspections be easily be carried out (with full transparency between the sellers and bidders), when the Covid pandemic hit, The McGill Group was well equipped to handle the challenges that social distancing restrictions had on other agencies.

Highlighting the agency’s innovation, and, showing that despite having just launched, it was at the forefront of its industry, allowed us to achieve media coverage in the Sunshine Coast market and across national real estate publications.

The campaign couldn’t have gone any smoother and we walked away with a very happy client who is enjoying sustained interest in his agency as a result of a great, all-important first impression that was made.