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Michael Huxley

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Before signing with Yellowpanda, Michael Huxley was an established name in the country’s makeup industry, however, his problem was, not enough people knew about him.

Despite having a large following on social media, and significant successes in business, a Google search of his name was returning zero results.

Michael's objective was to build his personal brand and that of his Gold Coast-based makeup college, HUXLEY.

Drawing upon Michael's experience, Yellowpanda was able to hit the ground running, achieving significant coverage from the first month. This included a front-page newspaper feature (also shared on their website and social media), an article on DailyMail Australia (shared hundreds of times online, further increasing its reach), and an article on an international, industry-specific publication.

Using our people-centric approach to PR (drawing upon the news angle of human interest), we identified inspiring personal stories involving his students, pitching Michael as a mentor to them and his school as the place that afforded them the opportunities they had.

Yellowpanda is currently working with Michael to achieve his long-term goal of being featured in VOGUE and achieving that elusive blue tick on Instagram.